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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Cabbage, a Tiger, and a Goat

Here's an old one, but a good one--it's probably the first logic puzzle anyone ever posed to me:

In this logic puzzle, a man is traveling with a tiger, a goat, and a cabbage. No one ever provided a convincing explanation for why he would be travelling with such a strange assortment--perhaps he was French. At some point in his journey the man came to a river which was too deep to wade across, and too wide to swim across so he was in a quandary on how to continue. He noticed a small boat tied to the near shore, but the boat was too small to hold all his belongings, but was large enough that he could safely row across with one belonging at a time. The problem he faced was that if he rowed across with the tiger then the goat would eat the cabbage, and if he rowed across with the cabbage, the tiger would eat the goat.

How could the man cross the river safely with all his belongings intact?


Anonymous said...

What in heck is the answer?????????????

Unknown said...

You can find the solution to this brainteaser here:

Unknown said...

why not take the tiger and cabbage then go back for the goat?

Unknown said...


The puzzle states that he can only take one belonging at a time.

Anonymous said...

This definitely is an old but good puzzle...

1.) Take the goat over, come back.
2.) Take the tiger over, bring the goat BACK with you.
3.) Take the cabbage over, come back.
4.) Take the goat over.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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