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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barrels full of Pellets

You are presented with 10 barrels each full of small, round pellets. By looking at the pellets you cannot see or feel any difference between one barrel's pellets and the next barrel's pellets. You are told that 9 of the barrels contain 1 gram pellets and that the other barrel contains 2 gram pellets. The barrels are too large to move, so you can't try to push on them to see which seems heavier, but there is a weighing scale available to you. The problem is that for some strange reason you are only allowed to use the scale one time.

How can you figure out which barrel contains the 2 gram pellets using the scale only once?


Unknown said...

Get the answer to this conumdrum here:

Anonymous said...

If you can't move the barrels, how do you get them onto the weighing machine?