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Monday, June 7, 2010

X = Y in a Z (Part 1)

There have been a few of these types of puzzles on The Puzzle Page in the past, including: 12 I in a F, 12 N on the F of a C, and 3 F in a Y.  Here are a few more of the same type.

  1. 9 P in the S S.
  2. 1760 Y in a M.
  3. 640 A in a S M.
  4. 6.0221415×1023 A in a M.
  5. 52 C in a D of P C.
  6. 206 B in the H B.

1 comment:

Kewryta said...

9 Planets in the Solar System (not any more!)
1760 Yards in a Mile
640 Acres in a Square Mile
6.0221415x10^23 Atoms in a Mole (Avogadro's number)
52 Cards in a Deck of Playing Cards
206 Bones in the Human Body