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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Strange Safari - Part 2

Earlier in the month we posted a puzzle about Professor Egghead's Australian safari where he, sadly, did not see any animals other than horses and people on his first day.  Luckily the professor did get a chance to see animals on his second day of safari.

After the second day Professor Egghead called me again and this time he was happy to announce that he had seen real wildlife while out riding the horses.  I asked him how many animals he had seen and, again, he didn't remember the exact number of all the animals, but he did remember that, including the horses and people from the day before, there were a total of 52 eyes and 74 legs.

If there were twice as many 4 legged dingoes as there were 2 legged ostriches, how many of each wild animal did the professor see?

(You'll have to be a bit creative to get the right answer to this one.)


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