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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Binary Primes

The non-blog version of The Puzzle Page has published a new binary crossnumber puzzle.  This is similar to another binary crossnumber puzzle posted on this blog earlier.

As with the previous puzzle, the object of this one is to fill the 16 squares with the appropriate binary numbers.  If you need a refresher on how decimal numbers compare to binary numbers DEW Associates Corporation has a very nice number conversion chart on their website.


  1.  4 Across - 4 Down.
  2.  A multiple of 3.
  3.  Same as 1 Down.
  4.  A prime number.

  1.  A prime number.
  2.  Twice the value of 3 Across.
  3.  4 Across - 2 Down.
  4.  A prime number.

Hint: The three prime numbers (4 Across, 1 Down, and 4 Down) are unique.



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