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Friday, May 7, 2010

Behind the Green Door

You are a captive in a far away land.  The king offers to set you free if you can pass the following test:

You are to be placed in a room with two doors.  Behind one door is a ferocious tiger, behind the other is your escape.  30 feet above each door is a window where a man is sitting.  One man always tells the truth, the other is an incessant liar.  You may ask only one question.

To ensure your safe passage, what should your question be?

1 comment:

Swinstead said...

Thats simple. Ask either man which door the other guy would tell you to go through.

Lets say that door 1 is death, door 2 is safety.

Ask the questions to both men and they both tell you that the other guy would say door 1.

So you pick door 2.