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Thursday, May 6, 2010

An International Neighborhood

Five immigrant friends meet every Thursday to play poker. While they all live in the same neighborhood, each comes from a different country and each lives on a different street. They each favor a different beverage, keep a different kind of pet, have a different occupation, and each is a different age.

Use the following clues to see if you can find out who drinks the whiskey and who is the tailor.

  1. The Italian drinks brandy.
  2. The man who lives on Green St. has a canary.
  3. The oldest man lives directly behind the grocer.
  4. Western Ave. and Green St. run parallel to each other.
  5. The Irish man's age is exactly between the oldest man and the Swede.
  6. The man who drinks wine is 33 years old.
  7. The man who lives on Main St. is exactly 11 years older than the cobbler.
  8. The 38-year-old man keeps an iguana.
  9. The man who has the dog is 6 years older than the man who has the fish.
  10. The German is 55 years old.
  11. The Russian lives directly behind the butcher.
  12. The road the beer drinker lives on is perpendicular to the road the cat owner lives on.
  13. The road the scotch drinker lives on crosses Elm St.
  14. The baker lives on Main St.
  15. The brandy drinker is 5 years older than the man who lives on Green St.
  16. The youngest man lives on Elm St.
  17. The age difference between the cat owner and the beer drinker is exactly the same as the age difference between the Italian and the man on Atlantic Avenue.
  18. The age difference between the youngest and second to youngest is the same as the age difference between the man with the canary and the baker.
  19. There is exactly 22 years difference between the youngest and oldest men.
  20. The grocer drinks beer.

To help solve the puzzle, here is a map of the neighborhood showing where the houses of the five men are located.

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