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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Twins' Birthdays

A young woman celebrated her birthday on the anniversary of her birth date. Two days later her twin sister celebrated her birthday on the anniversary of her birth date.

How can this be true?


Anonymous said...

the first twin was born just before midnight on Feb 28th and her sister just after midnight on Mar 1st. This year it's a leap year so there's Feb 29th b/w their bdays?

Unknown said...

Could it be that there are two sets of twins in that family, so it would still be "her twin sister"?

Unknown said...

Andrew provides a unique alternative to the expected answer of sisters being born on either side of midnight between February 28 and March 1.

Normally when we hear "twin sister" we immediately assume that the speaker is describing a sister who is born on the same day. however, "twin", being an adjective, could also be used to describe a sister who is _A_ twin, not necessarily the twin of the speaker. For instance, if we hear "blond sister" we understand the speaker is talking about a sister who is a blond. Using the same semantics the term "twin sister" could refer to a sister who is a twin.

Good job, Andrew, on finding a unique solution to the problem.

Unknown said...

The first twin was born at 11:45pm on board the Love Boat just before it sailed eastward across the International Date Line. Her sister arrived 30 minutes later.

Anonymous said...

Westward, not eastward :)