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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Victorian Boat Ride

There are three couples trekking across the countryside when they come to a river that is too deep and to wide for them to swim across. On the near shore is a boat which they can use to cross the river, but there are some complications that keep them from crossing together.

First of all, the boat is only large enough to carry two people at a time.

Secondly, the couples, being Victorian, are very mindful of proper etiquette and it would be completely improper for a woman to be in the company of another man unless her husband is present.

How can all six people cross the river with a maximum of 2 people crossing at any one time and no woman being in the presence of a man unless her husband is also present?


Anonymous said...

how's this?
m1, f1 = couple 1
m2, f2 = couple 2
m3, f3 = couple 3

r1:m1, f1
r3:m2, f2
r5:m3, f3
r7:m1, m2
r9:m1, m3

I think that should follow all the rules.

Anonymous said...

noe of them are married, they can all come and go as they please. read the text.

LampCord said...


After r3, you have f1 and m2 on opposite shore without m1.

I come up with this:
* = where the boat is after each trip
| = the river

START: =>m1,m2,m3,f1,f2,f3*|
r1:f1,f2=>m1,m2,m3,f3 |f1,f2*
r2:f1 =>m1,m2,m3,f1,f3 *|f2
r3:f1,f3=>m1,m2,m3 |f1,f2,f3*
r4:f1 =>m1,m2,m3,f1 *|f2,f3
r5:m2,m3=>m1,f1 |m2,m3,f2,f3*
r6:f2,m2=>m1,m2,f1,f2 *|m3,f3
r7:m1,m2=>f1,f2 |m1,m2,m3,f3*
r8:f3 =>f1,f2,f3 *|m1,m2,m3
r9:f2,f3=>f1 |m1,m2,m3,f2,f3*
r10:f2 =>f1,f2 *|m1,m2,m3,f3
r11:f1,f2=> |m1,m2,m3,f1,f2,f3*

Cpt. Obvious said...

Well if they want to get across, tey are going to have to get over it. Or 2 ride in it, and 4 hang onto the boat as they cross.