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Sunday, January 20, 2008

United States Geography

1. What is the largest lake completely inside the US border?

2. Which city is further west, Pittsburgh or Miami?

3. Are there any states that share borders with eight other states?

4. Are there any states that have borders made up of four straight lines?

5. Is there any part of the continental United States that lies north of the 49th parallel?

6. Which of the 50 states is furthest south?

7. Which of the 50 states is furthest west?

8. If you draw a north/south line through the center of Savannah, Georgia, through which countries in South America would that line pass?

9. If you draw the shortest line from Washington, D.C. to Tokyo, Japan, which countries does that line pass through?

10. Which state has the longest coast line?

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Anonymous said...

4. yes the four corners idk wat they r