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Friday, January 18, 2008

About Two Pounds - A Very Difficult Cryptogram

The following text has a message hidden in it.

Was; I not done, chopping, back some brush with my mitten; when I heard an angel say "You're; not going to see; much here."

"Why won't, I see much?" I, said. "I; want to see something now!"

"My; aren't we in a rush?"; she, replied.

"Shouldn't; I be? It's my way;", said I.

"Oh yes; it is. I forgot you were Mr, X" she said.

Do you think the angel flew away with, X?


Erik said...

There's something very strange about the punctuation... ...can that be a clue to solving this puzzle?

Benjamin said...

Not a clue...any more hints?

Anonymous said...

um.. the thing says that every semicolon you encounter take away the character three spaces before it, and with every comma take away the character 3 spaces after, spaces counted. But still, I don't get this.

Anonymous said...

Was chopping when I heard an angel say...

could be the start

Marsha said...
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Marsha said...

You take all the character that are removed and it makes the answer.

Example: W is 3 characters before the semicolon and H is 3 characters behind the comma, counting the space and so forth and so on.

Solution:WHAT’S A “HENWAY”?
Answer to question:
Its an old joke. Used by the Marx Brothers, among others
Freind: What's a henway?
You: A hen weighs about 4 to 6 pounds