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Friday, May 14, 2010

Restoration - Logic Puzzle

This logic puzzle comes from the August 2003 Number 2 edition of Superb Variety Puzzles Plus Crosswords from Kappa Publishing Group.

Alexis has recently bought a charming Victorian house. She plans to do various projects over the next few months (August through December) to restore the house to its intended state, and has enlisted a different friend (including Golda) to help her with each task. Discover the month in which she will do each project and the friend who will help.
  1. Alexis needs to remove the acoustic drop ceilings sometime before she installs period lighting fixtures.
  2. She needs to take up the shag carpeting sometime before she refinishes the wood floors underneath.
  3. Harry hasn't been enlisted to assist the month before Natasha.
  4. The people who help Alexis remove the carpeting and wall paneling aren't of the same sex.
  5. A woman will help her install the lighting fixtures.
  6. Alexis will receive help from Kyle three months after she removes the wall paneling.
  7. A man will help her in December.
  8. Jed will help Alexis either the month before or the month after she refinishes the wood floors.

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