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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Behind the Green Door

You are a captive in a far away land. The king offers you your freedom if you can pass the following test:

You are placed in a room with two doors. Behind one door is a ferocious tiger, behind the other is your escape. 30 feet above each door is a window where a man is sitting. One man always tells the truth, the other is a constant liar. You may ask only one question.

What one question do you ask and to which man do you pose that question so that you are assured to reach freedom and not be eaten by the tiger. Remember; you don't know which man is honest and which one lies.


CT said...

Choose any one of them and ask him that: "If I ask the other guy which door is the true one to escape, what will he answer?"
The true solution is always opposite to his answer, because it is reversed 1 time after their 2 considerations.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, although its easier to ask "If I ask the other man where the tiger is, what will he say?" The answer they give will always be the escape door.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you two are clever!